Unbox on Tivo

I just read on ArsTecnica that the Amazon.com UInbox video download service will finally be making it’s way to all series2 and series3 tivos. I’m sitting on the fence about it. I’ve yet to try out any movie download service - mainly because the length it takes to download file sizes as big as movies get keeps them just a shy of instant gratification. I’ve also haven’t been a fan of the music download service, since most of them have DRM, the files you download can sometimes only be played by the program you used to download. Case in point: iTunes. And as much as my computer may be equipped with a DVD and DVD playing software, it is very rare that I’ll watch a movie on my computer, even now that I have a very nice 20” Widescreen LCD.

But what actually makes me a little interested about unbox now, is simply the fact that I’ll be able to download and watch directly from my TV. No need to have a computer next to the tv, or use a computer to download and then stream it to another device. It seems simple enough, and I’ll definitely give a try one day as we find ourselves with nothing to watch on the premium movie channels and not feeling like leaving the house. However, I still wonder how long it would take to download the movie before you can start watching. If it’s going to take longer then half an hour, we’ll probably just end up getting our lazy butts out of the couch and head to the neighborhood rental store.

March 8, 2007 08:45 AM Gadgets and Hardware


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