entries from april 2007

Giving Up, or Moving On?

I love my wife. I think she’s awesome. Serial! She was there with me the night before, and the night before the night before the Wii was released here in the States. Sure, there were some ulterior motives, the money…

tue, apr 17, 2007 | Video Games
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The Ultimate Front End Dev Environment

I feel I haven’t poked the subject of the front end development process to the point that it would scream from a “poking pain” feeling. And I’m looking at a recent Coding Horror post on the same subject as the…

wed, apr 11, 2007 | Development
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Real Canada

I’m not sure what I should feel. It’s at least hilarious. At worst it could be insulting, but Canadians are known to be able to take a good joke. One of the webcomics I read on an almost religous…

mon, apr 2, 2007 | Online Chatter
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