Giving Up, or Moving On?

I love my wife. I think she’s awesome. Serial! She was there with me the night before, and the night before the night before the Wii was released here in the States. Sure, there were some ulterior motives, the money from selling an extra Wii on eBay would come in handy during the holidays, but she was still there with me letting me experience a launch day lineup and in being one of the first hundred thousands of consumers that were able to experience the Wii.

She’s also very thoughtful when it comes to me wanting to play video games, she’ll let me get on our big screen (which is only big in relation to our other TVs), or on my computer. That’s not to say that I’m not thoughtful of her as well. I’ve been helping her out with homework, help her out when she’s feeling bad. Needless to say, our relationship has plenty of give, take and support, that we can still be each other when we’re together. This is muy importante I would say.

Her first response to hearing that some guy had posted his entire collection of video games and video game consoles, which included virtual boys and ataris, on eBay and posted his reason as up and coming wedding, was that he seemed to be blaming his soon to be wife. It looks like that’s what the main sentiments of the internet seem to say. What else is there to say though, the collection is pretty big, bigger then all the others I’ve seen pop up on eBay, so why give it all up? Is there no space for video games and a wife in his life?

Most video game geeks sure dream of the perfect video game geek girl, but without that, most people just want to find someone that helps them be themselves - that is to say at least accept that they are gaming geeks. This is true of everyone I think. So getting rid of all your collection just to be with someone, if you are still very devoted to that pastime, just seems like you’re putting down the tools you’ll later use to bring down the relationship.

But who knows. I’ve yet to see anyone on the internet with this gaming geeks point of view. Maybe he just feels like he’s needs to move on, or has already moved on to different pastimes. But still… wouldn’t you still somewhat proud of your collection that you would like do something better with it… Like maybe set up a museum or something?

April 17, 2007 01:54 PM Video Games


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