Waiting for a Fallout

The trailer for Fallout 3 is out. That can only mean one thing: it’s actually coming. I’m psyched. Although I still have fears of first person Elder Scrolls RPG set in the Fallout universe, at least with the trailer I can tell Bethestha are definitely fans of the series. The entire trailer gave me goosebumps of anticipation. It catches the same feel of dread, doom, and a future that never was that the original series had. I specially liked the how the trailer ended with the same opening words used in the intro of the first games. That line was seemed to transition the intro animation seamlessly to the rest of the experience.

But I will have to wait a good year before I’ll get to hear the rest of the intro script, the trailer so far has Fall 2008 for the expected release. The only thing that will make this bad though, is if it’s released on Xbox only - and while I’m sure that so far it’s a PC game, there have been plenty of games that were moved on to the Xbox later in development…

June 5, 2007 02:07 PM Video Games


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Hey Chuck, you can't work on Saturday. You have to cheer us on, and besides, don't you want to see me hit a bitch?

Posted by: Jamie | June 20, 2007 11:07 AM

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