Missing the strike


I picked up Mario Strikers Charged, the sequel to the very good Mario Strikers on the Gamecube. Charged on the Wii adds much to the gameplay of the original to the point that it actually seems like the game that should have come out originally. And most of the reviews I’ve read on Charged have said the same thing. One thing reviewers have seemed to knock the game for is it’s lack of use for the Wii’s motion control.

I personally don’t think the lack of motion control as a bad thing on the game. Some people can’t make up their mind when it comes to games for the Wii. While the motion control has been very badly implemented in some games - for example our experience with Marvel Alliance - forgoing bad motion controls for more conservative ones can also be a taboo with Wii games. The few motion controls in the games are few and simple, in Striker there are motion controls for hitting, and for changing the powerup in queue, they are both simple waggles of the remote and nunchuk.

The motion controls in charged are simplistic and don’t detract to the action. The action is fast and there really isn’t much use for motion in the controls. Forcing people to use motion for charging strikes or kicking the ball would really change the pace of the game, slowing it down and possibly make it unplayable. Besides, I find myself very comfortable with using the remote-nunchuck combo as a regular controller. It is the most ergonomic way to play - no longer do you have to sit in comfortable ways to have your hands close together to hold a controller. With the remote-nunchuck, you can sit how you want, put your hands where they are the most comfortable, and still be able to play. Taking it in this context, wagging the remote to hit someone really makes sense, it’s as if your actually hitting someone next to you, which is really not nice to do - specially when the person next to you happens to be your wife.

August 9, 2007 08:43 AM Nintendo


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