entries from september 2007

Giddy Anticipation over Soul Calibur IV

Just saw the Soul Calibur IV trailer. The game looks amazing. Although it makes me wonder about the single player campaign. I haven’t gotten a chance to play III, but the Weapon Master mode in II was very generic, and…

fri, sep 21, 2007 | Video Games
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A view on CSS Frameworks

I’ve been reading the recent skepticism over CSS frameworks and I completely agree. I’m not completely sold on the Idea of universal frameworks for general use. Sure, good frameworks are very useful when programming or scripting just about anything. The…

thu, sep 20, 2007 | HTML and CSS
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My office is cooler then yours

Tiburon made the news yesterday, which to anyone that follows gaming seems like a pretty strange day for the studio to be receiving press as most of this year’s games are already out. Actually, the Orlando Sentinel did a piece…

fri, sep 14, 2007 | On Life
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