My office is cooler then yours

Tiburon made the news yesterday, which to anyone that follows gaming seems like a pretty strange day for the studio to be receiving press as most of this year’s games are already out.

Actually, the Orlando Sentinel did a piece on the pranks that happen around here and it got pick up by Kotaku! I’m pretty used to the company I work for being in the news a lot - Alienware always makes some kind of racket, be it positive or negative, whenever they release something - but never as an inside look at what happens inside the office.

Yes, the ball pit rocks. Being able to take a couple of minutes out of work and relax in the ball pit s definitely a job perk. And yes, when it was constructed you couldn’t find plastic balls in the Orange and Seminole county area as they had all been bought to make the Ball pit.

One of the reasons I enjoy working at Tiburon so much is because of this laid back environment, it really fosters creativity in the employees.

September 14, 2007 09:30 AM On Life


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