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I’m a big coffee drinker. And I do mean it. I usually drink at least 3 cups of it a day. Technically though, because these cups they aren’t “cup size,” it’s probably closer to six to eight cups of it every day. However, most of the coffee i drink doesn’t tend to be very good. At home, I tend to drink Maxwell House most of the time because it’s the cheapest with a flavour I can stand. Only when I’m feeling particularly good do I get anything fancier, though that usually means Eight O’Clock Coffee and on the rare chance the Christopher Bean’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend.

As a side note, over the holiday break I had bought some of the Christopher Bean’s and left it at my parents house, when they got back and found it they were pleasantly surprised.

So, as you can see, even though I think I have a pretty good taste for coffee, I know it’s very limited. This is best exemplified with my love for Tim Horton’s Coffee. For some mixed reason of nostalgia for Canada and dislike for most restaurant’s coffee I just love Tim Horton’s Coffee. Although, in it’s defense, the blend of coffee Tim Horton’s sells really is particularly very good, especially considering that this is the equivalent of Dunkin Donuts in Canada and their coffee is terrible - I was really surprised to learn that they were going to start selling it in grocery stores, people actually want it?

However, living in Florida makes it very hard to get a can or so to keep for a while. I usually only have any in supply whenever anyone in my family goes to Canada - it’s customary to return with at least two big cans of it, on for yourself, and another one for anyone else. We really love the stuff.

A Big Can of Tim Horton's 'Always Fresh' Coffee

So, it was somewhat surprising that his past Christmas I got two cans! It was quite awesome really. Kate was able to get a large 34oz can on eBay while my Mom was able to find me a 12oz can from the Canadian Store in London England (Tim Horton’s if your reading this, you should sell your coffee worldwide through your website). No had to travel to Canada to get any this time around!

Currently, I’m slowly making some every morning from the 36oz can with my 4 cup drip coffee maker. Which is fine, since Tim Horton’s coffee was made to be made in drip machines and still taste good. At work though, I have the smaller can which is course ground so it makes it perfect for the French Press John and I use to make coffee at work. This is by far the best way to have coffee at work since it’s fresh and doesn’t accrue bitter burnt coffee flavors while it stews in the gigantor coffee thermos.

January 16, 2008 08:29 AM On Life


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