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The UI Still Burns. UI Problems in Soul Calibur IV

I’ve been enjoying Soul Calibur IV the past couple of weeks, it’s been frustrating but fun and challenging in such a way that I’m still coming back to try to perfect it. Unfortunately, my online game has been horrible and as such I’ve sworn off it. Instead, I’ve just relegated myself to only using grabs against the CPU – especially when fighting against Vader’s Apprentice - when I get too frustrated that I can’t land any moves at all!

But there are some things that are really distracting me when I’m playing the game, and I’m sad to say that It’s the UI. Sure it’s nice and polished, but there’s just too much of it sometimes, and sometimes there’s not enough.

wed, aug 13, 2008 | User Interface , Video Games
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Another credit under my belt

It’s just 4 more weeks until Tiger Woods 09 will be available for sale. Because I’m not a seasoned veteran just yet, I’m still somewhat excited about the third game I have helped create and the first title I’ve worked…

wed, aug 6, 2008 | Video Games
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