Another credit under my belt

It’s just 4 more weeks until Tiger Woods 09 will be available for sale. Because I’m not a seasoned veteran just yet, I’m still somewhat excited about the third game I have helped create and the first title I’ve worked in its entirety. I came in close to the end of the cycle for last year’s Tiger Woods 08, so while I was excited I had done some work on it I feel even more so for all the extra work that I did for this years release.

Very excited at what the public is going to think of our features this year. Take a look at what we’ve got prepared in 09:

While this years release of Tiger Woods isn’t on my birthday, like it was last year, it’s still coming out around that time. You can expect to see it on store shelves August 26.

August 6, 2008 10:26 PM Video Games


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