Rock Band 2 Cometh


I’m really exited about Rock Band 2. While there hasn’t been much Rock Band playing at our place of late (due to my stupidity in breaking the drum pedal), Kate and I jump at every chance we get to play. We recently helped out some bands out at Chris and Fla’s house and at Nakfoor’s place as well. It’s really such a great Party Game, or make you feel good game, that almost a year after release, we’re still playing. It’s no surpirse that we’re both looking forward to Rock Band 2 coming out in a couple of weeks.

While looks to be the Rock Band 1 that should have been:

  • No weird leader for bands
  • World Tour playable by offline and online players
  • No vestigial “Guitar Hero” solo tour
  • Solid instruments.

We’re not going to pick up the special edition this time. Sure our pedal is broken, and it would be nice to have wireless drums and guitars, instead we’ll be enhancing our experience with the Omega Pedal. While it’s been extremely unfortunate we’ll be getting our new pedal a solid two months after we ordered it, I still can’t wait to get it and play some drums. Sure, Rock Band 2’s drum pedals will have a supporting metal plate, but even they won’t compare to the difference of the pull springs in real drum pedals as opposed to the push spring of the game instruments.

If you’re looking to enhance your drumming in Rock Band, there are several other modded pedals you can find online (there’s the Destroyer Pedal or the Rock Pedal). I decided to go with the Omega Pedal mostly because I couldn’t find a matrix with the difference of all three pedals, and because of the good review from Ars Technica.

It’s really great that Harmonix and MTV could get most of Rock Band 1’s songs transferable to the sequel, as well as all of the DLC. I’m sure Kate won’t be missing the three songs that won’t be transferable, I am a little sad that “Paranoid” was in that short list. It’s no matter, I don’t mind losing those songs in comparison to the total list of Rock Band 2’s songs. I’m in particularly looking forward to enjoy:

  • “Feel The Pain”
  • “Everlong”
  • “My Own Worst Enemy”
  • “Come Out and Play”
  • Spoonman”

And if they release The Colour and the Shape like rumoured I’ll be in Rock Band Heaven. Just take a look at the gameplay trailer that features “Everlong”. That single clip made me wish September was actually much earlier.

September 7, 2008 08:30 PM Video Games


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