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The Ultimate Front End Dev Environment

I feel I haven’t poked the subject of the front end development process to the point that it would scream from a “poking pain” feeling. And I’m looking at a recent Coding Horror post on the same subject as the…

wed, apr 11, 2007 | Development
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Focusing on the user

I recently found a blog that focuses on the user experience: Creating Passionate Users. It has a pretty good dialog with very funny imagery that really drives their point home. For example in a recent post on amount of control…

sun, feb 18, 2007 | Development
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Setting Up a Server… In 50 Easy Steps

I spent a good deal last Saturday setting up my personal webserver, the one which was hosting this website dutifully for over 2 years before I started using Adelphia Cable internet with its drachonian EULA. I was setting up the…

mon, mar 6, 2006 | Development , Gadgets and Hardware , Software
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Simple classes

I’ve recently have been getting interesting in javascripting. It’s weird because I always thought that javascript was bad because not everyone has it enabled in their browsers. Or something to that line. But javascript can do lots of cool little…

mon, aug 15, 2005 | Alienware , Development , HTML and CSS
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