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Programming Litmus Tests

The other day I read another great article on Coding Horror on programmers that can’t program. It’s a pretty short post that adds more to a current discussion on the need and legitimacy of coding tests for programming job perspectives….

wed, feb 28, 2007 | Programming
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Can’t Program? Won’t Learn!

While I was studying at FIU, which really seems like a long time ago, I met a lot of people in the Computer Science Field that where having a really hard time understanding the concepts. And this wasn’t just in…

wed, jul 19, 2006 | Programming
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Java Utilities

I’ve been doing a couple of small Java programs at work. Mostly having to work with Comma Seperated Values (CSV) and such. One ushc program was trying to convert our contacts database, which at the monent is being kept as…

fri, jul 16, 2004 | Programming
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j.noname: personal public library

It’s friday night and I’m stuck at home. My mom and sister are going to watch Harry Potter today (I’m waiting to see it with Kate). I have no friends, so here I am at home. Though it’s not all…

fri, jun 11, 2004 | Programming
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Programming Concepts

I’m out of my first exam and I’m feeling good. It was as long as my midterm. It’s quite annoying when profs do that, and they make the final worth a whopping 40% of the toal grade. Grrr. Either way,…

mon, apr 19, 2004 | Programming
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Programmers with a sense of Humor

Windows Programmers Do Have a Sense of Humor! This probably isn’t as humorous to non-programmers, but I just thought it was hillarous to see the FF_DONTCARE font family value! It’s priceless! FF_DONTCARE : Don’t care of don’t know….

sat, feb 21, 2004 | Programming
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It Sounds Like a Pentium 5

Intel released the next version of the Pentium 4 just a couple of days ago - Monday to be exact. And though I don’t feel like its the best product in history, I also don’t feel that it’s also the…

wed, feb 4, 2004 | Programming
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