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Initialize, you have to do it

I had been working purely in javascript and PHP for almost two years already. And even then I haven’t had any experience in object oriented PHP. Before working at ea, all object oriented programming I was doing was making object…

tue, jul 17, 2007 | Scripting
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The problem of caching

I’ve already talked once before about caching problems but I after reading an article on a similar note, javascript caching and internet applications, I thought I would bring it up once more. In my original article I was specifically talking…

mon, feb 12, 2007 | Scripting
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We Make It Easy, but not to learn.

I’ve been playing with the prototype and scriptaculous javascript libraries for close to a year now, but it hasn’t been until last December that I really started to embrace the platform as a development tool in my scripts. The reason…

mon, jan 29, 2007 | Scripting
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