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The Netflix Effect

I have a habbit of falling into the Netflix effect. This is the effect, which has been written about more eloquently elsewhere in which because you aren’t pushed to return a movie, then you tend to leave the movies untouched…

wed, nov 8, 2006 | Geek and Gizmos
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The Right Idea

So I read a Wired column today. And while that may have sounded like I don’t usually do read them, I actually find myself at least one a week looking for the interesting tidbits which are dispatched at the…

wed, apr 12, 2006 | Geek and Gizmos
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Of course it won’t suck

Of course the next version of Windows, Windows Vista, won’t suck. I knew there might be some sort of markeeting fatigue on the general public from having heard about the next windows for more than the past couple of years….

tue, feb 28, 2006 | Geek and Gizmos
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You’re stepping on my toes

While it probably isn’t as noticeable in other places of the world, most of us in Miami that have been here a while - and I’m stretching that for me too - have probably noticed that it’s just getting too…

tue, feb 21, 2006 | Geek and Gizmos
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A World Full of Mario

Everyday the world seems to have more and more Mario or Nintendo Inspired stuff in it. I have nothing wrong with this though. Some of this stuff I wish I could actuall have. Like the plush Goomba. Especially so…

wed, oct 12, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos
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I have bookmarks!

I was going through some of my data today, doing some restructuring, when I found a really old backed up copy of my bookmarks. It didn’t have anything new. My guess is that they were over 2 years old. But…

sun, oct 9, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos , Random
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Let the revolution begin

I am seriously impress by the amount of coverage that Nintendo’s Revolution controller is getting. All the hardware review sites I frequent had blurbs on the new controller - the [H]ardOCP, The Tech Report and Slashdot had news blurbs on…

fri, sep 16, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos , Video Games
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They’re Gone!

After spending Sunday evening formatting and installin Windows on Chris’ computer, I went ahead and did it for my computer on Monday. Everything went perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. I tried to make sure I wasn’t going to forget everything….

wed, aug 24, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos
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I miss my internet

Kate and I are almost moved in to our new appartment. We haven’t bought because real estate in miami is increadibly expensive. Rent for our new place is just over $800 and it’s only a one bed/one bath. Though I…

tue, jul 19, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos , Journal
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