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UI Fail! Winamp

I know I’m not the only person that runs windows with the task bar somewhere else besides the default bottom of the screen position. While I’m particularly taken to have my task bar at the top, there are many a…

mon, jul 14, 2008 | Software , UI Fail
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A Case against big software.

I had a strangely satisfying problem I had to solve earlier this week. It involved needing to burn an image of Windows Vista SP1 to a disc. While that’s usually not a problem to someone with Nero or EZ CD…

wed, mar 12, 2008 | Software
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Setting Up a Server… In 50 Easy Steps

I spent a good deal last Saturday setting up my personal webserver, the one which was hosting this website dutifully for over 2 years before I started using Adelphia Cable internet with its drachonian EULA. I was setting up the…

mon, mar 6, 2006 | Development , Gadgets and Hardware , Software
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Post Childhood Software

Boxing day I had a blast at Best Buy - I came out with $200 worth of stuff including three memory cards (one 256 MB Compact Flash, one 128 MB sony stick, one 256 Block card for the GameCube) and…

tue, dec 28, 2004 | Software
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Looking for the perfect (free) editor

Sometime in the summer, I can’t remember when exactly, I was able to convince my parrents that I needed the Macromedia MX 2004 Studio. The studio comes with a lot of software and is usually priced as such, but me…

wed, dec 1, 2004 | HTML and CSS , Software
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MTClient 1.6

I’m trying out MTClient 1.6 - pauses for a second when he realizes that MTClient isn’t in MTClient’s dictionary. I’ve said a couple of things earlier about MTClient, and I’m definitely liking where it’s going. There’s still some minor things…

tue, jul 20, 2004 | Software
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To Jabber, or not to Jabber?

The inspiration actually came to me on Tuesday, when my sister wanted to send me a link to a webpage at work. She just sent me a couple of email messages with links on them. And it dawned on me…

thu, jul 15, 2004 | Software
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Sticking with MTClient

After a month or of using MTC, I gave in and installed w.bloggar again. I have a soft side for good looking programs. Now w.bloggar is a great piece of software, but it still has that one flaw that bugs…

thu, jul 1, 2004 | Software , Website News
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A change would do a company good

Due to recent problems with IE, I’m thinking on installing either firefox or mozilla/netscape in the computers at work. Considering these threats have been harder to diagnose on computers, switching just seems like the best option….

tue, jun 29, 2004 | Software
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An Open Review on MT Client

Perhaps today I’ll be luckier and be able to finish this post. I’m very satisfied with this little blog client that could. It’s very simple, just type and post. It’s very easy to use, everything there is to change or…

fri, jun 4, 2004 | Software
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Three point Oh Dee

A week or so after the entire web exploded with a new found hatred towards six apart after they released Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition I upgraded my MT. This is probably against what everyone and their mother seems to…

wed, jun 2, 2004 | Software , Website News
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New Blog Client

Yesterday I did a massive search for a new blog client. Perhaps not as massive as a star, though I did spend a good 30 minutes at it. Now you’re asking, but there’s a perfectly good client called w.bloggar. Yes,…

mon, may 24, 2004 | Software
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Here I come PHP

I spent the better part of last night trying to get IDS, My Photo Gallery and emAlbum to work. My goal is to have all the picture galleries in one spot - instead of two different ones. I know that…

thu, may 20, 2004 | Software
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