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Dealing with Ikea Beds

Kate and I have become big Ikea Fans - so far we’ve got a whole bedroom from them, as well as a convertible bed and several other smaller things. We’ve been pretty pleased with what we’ve gotten so far and…

tue, aug 18, 2009 | On Life
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Good Brews

I’m a big coffee drinker. And I do mean it. I usually drink at least 3 cups of it a day. Technically though, because these cups they aren’t “cup size,” it’s probably closer to six to eight cups of it…

wed, jan 16, 2008 | On Life
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I’m older!!!

It’s actually been two months since my birthday, but I finally got around to posting this picture of the Birthday Cake Kate made for me. I was very surprised since I was not expecting a cake. We had two…

mon, oct 29, 2007 | On Life
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You win this time world!

This past weekend I got a second IM from this bot called facebook. So, I gave in and joined. Below is my explanation for doing it as I explained to Matt: me: btw… i gave in joined a social networking…

mon, oct 15, 2007 | On Life
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My office is cooler then yours

Tiburon made the news yesterday, which to anyone that follows gaming seems like a pretty strange day for the studio to be receiving press as most of this year’s games are already out. Actually, the Orlando Sentinel did a piece…

fri, sep 14, 2007 | On Life
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On to new ventures

It’s been a 9 days since I started my new job. I am now working for EA. So far, I’m still somewhat shocked that I have found myself employed by the largest third-party video game company in the world. At…

tue, mar 27, 2007 | On Life
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Kate is the leader of pop culture

This little tid-bit of information is to be filled under the “why does kate happen to be on the bleeding edge of pop culture” category. One of the things we tend to do when playing multiplayer games, and by multiplayer…

tue, dec 26, 2006 | On Life
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24 Candles, 24 Years

I turned 24 yesterday, and like last year it seems, my birthday is being overshaddowed by a terrible weather system! If Kate had her way, this would be the second storm suffixed “The Lame”. But before the lines at…

tue, aug 29, 2006 | On Life
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Delayed Christmas Post

Christmas has always been a great time for videogames, ever since we had a gaming console in the house. It actually didn’t really become a good gaming time untill I had an SNES and we lived in Canada - the…

tue, jan 3, 2006 | On Life , Video Games
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone had a blast bringing in the new year. I’m sorry that you had absolutely no fun Chris watching an I Love the 90’s marathon on VH1. Kate and I had the greatest time…

mon, jan 2, 2006 | On Life
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Turkey Day

Had an extremely good turkey day this year. The turkey was plentiful, the pumpkin pie made an appereance and I ate much more than I should have. But considering it’s one of those few times a year that entire families…

sat, nov 26, 2005 | On Life
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Damn Adelphia!

I am completely sick and tired of adelphia. Their internet service is horrible. It won’t fail to drop the line at least once a day if not more! And it’s irritating! Especially so when you’re playing a game and it…

thu, nov 10, 2005 | On Life
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There are always changes

I finally finished my summer A class. My life during those six weeks was closed to murder! There was no time to sit down and concenctrate on anything, there was always something to do or people to go see. I…

tue, jul 5, 2005 | On Life
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Full Speed Straigh Ahead

I’m reaching my burn out limit. I’m probably not going to do anything drastic, I’m not sure what will happen, but I’m getting there. Work takes a lot of time out of my day. And when I get home there…

wed, may 4, 2005 | On Life
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New Car Smell

A little over a week ago - we got a car. It was in the air that day, which is extremely funny to say. With only a month to go before having to return the Corolla Kate and I thought…

tue, apr 12, 2005 | On Life
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Being a little busy

The past couple of days have been rather busy for me. I’ve been doing a little work on the side besides my normal resting and playing games. Actually, sometimes it looks like I actually have a life: last Thrusday Kate…

tue, apr 5, 2005 | Movies , On Life
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Had an exceptionally good time today at the beach. Kate and I, along with Jess, Ducassi and his brother went to South Beach to meet up with Franc and his new IBM friends to play some tag football. We…

sun, mar 6, 2005 | On Life
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