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One Song Bands/Albums

I was listening to my only Everclear album thinking to myself how great this one song is. Yes I know I’m generalizing here, but it’s true. There are many bands and albums that have the same or very similar rythms…

thu, aug 10, 2006 | Music
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Whats You’re Favorite BnL Album?

I’ve been browsing amazon.com lately and I keep coming up on BnL CD’s. There’s some customer reviews on Everything to Everyone that completely bash Maroon. It’s not my favorite Album, but it did have it’s moments. I particularly liked Off…

sun, jun 13, 2004 | Music , Random
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The Chipmunks do Limp Bizkit!

As big of a geek that I am, my car still only has a tape deck. It’s 2004 and I’m still stuck with a tape deck. So, every so often I make new tapes so I can listen to. Actually,…

sat, jun 12, 2004 | Music
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The Beatles still No 1!

This weeks Entretainment Weekly has a cover story about the Beatles: Are they still relevant? 40 years after their performance on Ed Sullivan there is a new generation of Beatle fans. It seems that they have become an underground craze…

tue, feb 10, 2004 | Music , Random
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