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McDonalds to Liberate Breakfast!

For too long I have questioned why McDonald’s didn’t sell their equally addictive breakfast foods all day. Not only because the EggMcMuffins are yummy, but because sometimes you just can’t get up early enough to get them. We all know…

wed, sep 20, 2006 | Random
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I have bookmarks!

I was going through some of my data today, doing some restructuring, when I found a really old backed up copy of my bookmarks. It didn’t have anything new. My guess is that they were over 2 years old. But…

sun, oct 9, 2005 | Geek and Gizmos , Random
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Rule of threes

I was sending off this years New Year’s e-card for the company today so I had some time in my hands (There’s around 1000 people in the company contact list and I had to use outlook to send the message)….

thu, dec 30, 2004 | Random
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Christmas is really busy

I’ve been up to a lot of things this christmas season - and as such the only time I have been able to steal a couple of minutes on my computers is bright an early in the morning when I…

fri, dec 24, 2004 | Random
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Yet another format

I spend most of the weekend formatting my computer. I think that’s the second time this year, or was it the third? I’m back to a simple computer that isn’t cluttered with installations of software that I don’t use and…

mon, dec 6, 2004 | Random
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I’m back to w.bloggar again. I just really prefer the GUI of w.bloggar to other programs. It really doesn’t compare. Actually, I’m back to using w.bloggar as I’m trying out version 4 RC 2. It’s implemented all (I think) of…

wed, dec 1, 2004 | Random
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Cool… 100 posts…

Actually, considering this blog has always had difficulties remaining up for long periods of time, I’m sure that there’s been more than 100 posts. However, this iteration actually made it to that milestone marker. Yay! And yes, I know that…

tue, sep 28, 2004 | Random
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First thoughts

Just finally got a change, in between watching the Olympics, to install SP 2and I’m utterly annoyed. I know that Microsoft is trying to push for security to the point were they are now willing to sacrifice compatibility to get…

sat, aug 14, 2004 | Random
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Lazy to the core

So there’s a good explanation of why my site hasn’t been up for the better part of two weeks. I’m lazy. See, the webserver is the only computer I left at my folks place. And every so often, because it…

thu, jul 15, 2004 | Random
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Geek Style: Endorsement 1

The Generic Humanoid Carbon Unit shirt from ThinkGeek came in today. I’m very happy. I’ve been wanting a thinkgeek t-shirt ever since I found thinkgeek. I’m loving it. As for my glasses, I’m starting to get used to them. The…

thu, jul 1, 2004 | Journal , Random
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Get Your Invitations!

A public message to all of my friends: To those that want to attend the Wedding this July the 24th, please send me an email (the address is at the bottom of each page) or send me and IM (archiecq…

thu, jun 24, 2004 | Random
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A Move

It’s been a little more then a week, but I finally have ready access to the internet. Last wednesday I made the last train trip to Ocala to see Kate. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all blending in at the…

thu, jun 24, 2004 | Random
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Windows Styles

Over the weekend I went ahead and made my computer slower by installing StyleXP. It’s not the first time I’ve done it. It doesn’t hog too many resources - well, only once you pass the 30 day trial limit, don’t…

wed, jun 16, 2004 | Random
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Whats You’re Favorite BnL Album?

I’ve been browsing amazon.com lately and I keep coming up on BnL CD’s. There’s some customer reviews on Everything to Everyone that completely bash Maroon. It’s not my favorite Album, but it did have it’s moments. I particularly liked Off…

sun, jun 13, 2004 | Music , Random
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I got a domain!

So, I decided to get a domain name - they are getting pretty cheap now, $9.99/year. I remember back in the day it was $75/year to do it with INTERNIC. I don’t think that included the activation fee though. I’m…

sun, jun 13, 2004 | Random , Website News
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Be Like Water

So, I was flipping through channels when I landed on AMC. They just showed a special on Bruce Lee called: “Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey”. It was really good. The last 40 minutes of the show ran uninterrupted - the…

sat, jun 5, 2004 | Random
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Rude to the tenth degree

Wow… I was in the middle of writing something on MT Client, when out of curiosity I clicked on something in the program only to realize that it erased my entire 3 paragraph entry! How rude!…

thu, jun 3, 2004 | Random
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I’m rather horrible at writing on my blog. Mind you, it’s not because I have a lack of things to say, but rather it’s because I do so much and then I become lazy. Actually, I’ve been playing too much…

sun, may 9, 2004 | Random
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I’m really nice… I swear…

Yeah. To that person that tried to IM me on Satruday… I kinda leave my aim window on without leaving an away message. I wasn’t purposefully ignoring you, I was in the other room all night playing Final Fantasy Tactics….

sun, apr 25, 2004 | Random
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School is almost over

So I’m almost finished with my semester. And so, I can post something. For the past two weeks or so I’ve been hard from the time i get home to around 1am on my projects. It’s been a little of…

sun, apr 18, 2004 | Random
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Back in Miami

Got back from my spring break last night. It was awfully tired. Too much to talk about really since last wednesday, and too little time to think about it all. There were fun parts, but the trip to Disney wasn’t…

mon, mar 29, 2004 | Random
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From Gainesville…

I got here on last friday. Saturday we had a surprise party for Chris. He got pissed drunk. And I’ve completely lost access to the internet world. Its hard to stay up to date when all you have is a…

mon, mar 22, 2004 | Random
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Damn that sun!

Did anyone have problems the past week trying to access java.sun.com? I wasnt’ able to install tomcat on my server this week because I couldn’t reach java.sun.com and download Java 2 1.4 SDK for linux!!! I don’t know when I’ll…

fri, mar 5, 2004 | Random
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People are tools

I don’t mean it in a bad way, and I’m definately not excluding myself from that comment. But besides the ever great push towards trying to be a thinking and rational being we can’t deny that we are strongly controlled…

thu, feb 26, 2004 | Random
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The Beatles still No 1!

This weeks Entretainment Weekly has a cover story about the Beatles: Are they still relevant? 40 years after their performance on Ed Sullivan there is a new generation of Beatle fans. It seems that they have become an underground craze…

tue, feb 10, 2004 | Music , Random
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Oooh… plates!

It’s plates!!!…

mon, feb 2, 2004 | Random
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The Barenaked Ladies are coming to Florida! I’m so happy. I hope I get to go….

thu, jan 29, 2004 | Random
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On Macs…

I decided to be brave and try out the only Mac in the Undergraduate lab of the CS department at FIU. Thats right, we have only one mac, and the only development you can do on it is Java. Or…

wed, jan 28, 2004 | Random
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Mango from El Salvador

I caught up with my sister today. She was on a layover between El Salvador and Toronto here in Miami for a good 4 hours or more. So, I stopped by the airport to have some lunch with her. She…

tue, jan 27, 2004 | Random
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