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The Ronin’s Have Seceeded!

A bunch of us from the Night Ravens Guild on the Kargath WoW server have left the guild and have created a new one: Ronin. If you are looking for the Ronin site it’s: www.roninguild.org. If that link doesn’t work…

sun, oct 8, 2006 | MMOs
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Why Can’t You Just Save!!!

There was an article recently on Gamasutra, The Designer’s Notebook: ‘Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie!’ VII, and I totally agree with “Unsaved Configurations”. One of the reasons I stopped playing FFXI was because I had to format my computer and…

thu, jul 13, 2006 | MMOs
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That Roaming Gnome

Kotaku found this interesting site. While I’ve seen, and liked, the travelocity roaming gnome commercials, I did not know that there was actually such a thing as roaming gnomes. TravelWOWCity was definately funny though….

thu, oct 27, 2005 | MMOs , Video Games
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I Hate Kahzam!!!

Yet it’s such a good place to level. * Disclaimer:While everyone may shout out the best things of Kahzam, an area in FFXI where levels 25 - 30ish can level rather quickly, it is only if, and only if, you…

fri, feb 20, 2004 | MMOs
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The Chair of the Grand Poo Bah

Was playing FFXI last night, like most nights, and I found this big chair. Just had to take a picture….

mon, feb 9, 2004 | MMOs
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