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Missing the strike

I picked up Mario Strikers Charged, the sequel to the very good Mario Strikers on the Gamecube. Charged on the Wii adds much to the gameplay of the original to the point that it actually seems like the game…

thu, aug 9, 2007 | Nintendo
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The problem with Mario Party

While Kate, Chirs, Ducassi and I greatly enjoy playing Mario Party, it is not with out its faults. But instead of me spelling them all out in boring fashion, it is Penny Arcade that has hit the nail right…

mon, jan 29, 2007 | Nintendo
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A Full Opera on the Wii

Over the weekend, Nintendo released the Internet Channel for the Wii. I’ve been playing around with it a little - whenever my netopia router wants to let the wii connect to it. While this isn’t the first time you…

tue, dec 26, 2006 | HTML and CSS , Nintendo
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Wii Preorder Madness!!!

Everyone is talking about the gamestop Wii Preorders! Personally I’m stoked. I’ve bugging the folks at my local gamestop to give me the inside scoop, but they’ve kept their lips shut! As opposed to apperantly other gamestoppers. But I do…

thu, oct 12, 2006 | Nintendo
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Nintendo Bling

This past satuday I headed over to my local ebgames, and while yes I know that the gamestop/ebgames can have a bad rap among gamers, some stores are still decent. It really depends on the store manager/employees. Anyways, I…

wed, sep 13, 2006 | Nintendo
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Portable Hard Drives: Nintendo Style!

I think I’m going to add this to the list of computer mods/projects I would like to do: like a NES PC. The Nintendo Portable Drive - or as its creators call it: The Zelda Drive 1.0. Now… If…

thu, mar 30, 2006 | Gadgets and Hardware , Nintendo
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Four Games? What About 52!

The writer of Press The Buttons really presses the right buttons. Up until this day I would have completely gone through life with the following NES cartridge burned out of exsistance in my memory. But that is no longer the…

tue, mar 14, 2006 | Nintendo
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Kart Madness

The next installment of Mario Kart will be out in less then one week. I’m psyched. I’ve read a good review of the game at 1up. I’ve played all of the Mario Karts up to date, and currently own…

wed, nov 9, 2005 | Nintendo , Video Games
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