About the Artist

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to make an about me page that isn’t a description of my life in a couple of paragraphs. Mostly because if you aren’t a good writer, like me, it just boring. Even pictures couldn’t make it any better. And this website really needs an about page. Anyways. I thought it would be best to sum myself up in a hundred things that pop into my head.

  1. I’m in my twenties but still over the legal drinking age in all of the US.
  2. I married Kate from Mrs. Kjos’ English class.
  3. We’ve been together for more than 3 years.
  4. She spent less time then that at UF.
  5. I’m her computer-gaming geek.
  6. Although I’m Canadian, I know more about US history then Candian History.
  7. I’ve also spent more time living in the US then Canada.
  8. I went to Sunset Sr High School, which is far from Canada.
  9. I’m expecting to graduate universtiy after 6 years.
  10. I work at Alienware.
  11. I edit web pages and do simple javascripting.
  12. Nothing I learned in school I use at work.
  13. I’m forgetting my Java.
  14. I did a little bit of C#.
  15. I prefer web programming with Java.
  16. But I still don’t know that much.
  17. I’ve had a website for about 5 years.
  18. I’ve known Kate for longer then 6.
  19. I’m a fan of coffee.
  20. Tim Horton’s coffee is better than Starbuck’s and surprisingly strong.
  21. While in Canada, I speak with a strong Canadian accent - if there is such a thing eh.
  22. Molson Candian, Alexander Keith’s, XX and Corona.
  23. Appleton’s when it comes to rum.
  24. I have too much Kaluah.
  25. Pepsi is the brew of evil - never drink that nasty stuff!
  26. Coke is the preffered soda.
  27. Cuban coffee is like the nectar of the Gods for those who need to perk up.
  28. Bawls is a good substitute and the preferred drink of LAN party-goers.
  29. I really like the Alienware Full Tower Chassis.
  30. My computer could use some help.
  31. But I do happen to have three of them.
  32. I live in Miami, less then 5 minutes away from Alienware’s new corporate building.
  33. I drive to work in my 2005 Sangria Red Ford Focus Hatchback.
  34. I have a thing for red.
  35. I’m a dedicated Nintendo Fanboy.
  36. Our Gamecube collection includes Mario Kart: Double Dash.
  37. And Mario Party 4-6 (I said dedicated).
  38. My friends like to play Mario Party.
  39. But don’t like to play Mario Kart - they think I’m too good.
  40. Kate is the best back player in Mario Kart - Yes she makes a difference; especially in mirror mode.
  41. My Nintendo Character is Toad.
  42. But I could be Mario.
  43. I have Nintendo sweater, and an RC Mario Kart.
  44. I plan to add a Mushroom Decal to my Focus.
  45. The Sangria Red Focus is a stick shift.
  46. It came very handy when Kate and I moved to our small one bedroom appartment.
  47. We have three cats.
  48. Or actually: one terror, one crazy and one that’s just right.
  49. The terror chose me.
  50. I named my FFXI character after the terror.
  51. I didn’t get past level 30 in FFXI.
  52. But I did finish Knights of the Old Republic
  53. Paper Mario was pretty good, though I still haven’t finished it.
  54. I’m a big fan of texmex.
  55. Italian and Japanese are good too.
  56. Although I probably wouldn’t eat much of what Iron Chef Japan makes.
  57. Battle Straweberry really gets you wanting dessert.
  58. I didn’t know it was possible to talk about the fine points of an MMORPG for longer then 4 hours.
  59. But that’s not long enough a time for a good session of D&D.
  60. Including the Cheeto’s and Mountain Dew.
  61. Even if you don’t like Mountain Dew.
  62. Because the Dragon will always kill you as you scroll through menu options.
  63. Rogues and Warriors are the way to go.
  64. I like to doodle.
  65. I pretend I doodle pretty well.
  66. I like anime.
  67. Cowboy Bebop and Neon Gensis Evangelion are my favorite.
  68. I find living in Miami to be very expensive.
  69. Setting up wireless networks is such a pain.
  70. pico all the way. Or nano as the case may be.
  71. Programers do have a sense of humour: fork().
  72. Oh, I put random U’s in some words, because that’s how they are spelled.
  73. Colour.
  74. Communism is bad.
  75. communism is a thought practice.
  76. Canada is socialistic.
  77. Capitalism works on percieved scarness of resources.
  78. The information ages breaks down such preceptions - everything can be copied limitlessly.
  79. It brings about the long tail.
  80. I feel cheated - still no fuel cell driven cars, or cars that fly.
  81. Still no monolith in Jupiter.
  82. There are really only eight planets, Pluto and Charon and everything after neptune are planetoids or Kupier Belt Objects.
  83. I still can’t believe I make money.
  84. And I can’t believe it dissapears so … easily.
  85. I wish I could take a ride to space.
  86. When in doubt: Mythbusters.
  87. My nefew is really annoying and loud.
  88. I try to be a good uncle.
  89. My sister is eight years older then me.
  90. Remember to spell out any numbers less then ten.
  91. My parents are entrepenuers.
  92. I’ve always had to explain what they do.
  93. I like Canadian Maple Syrup.
  94. Bratwurst! But not with maple syrup.
  95. I put foot down a lot. But no one pays attention to that now.
  96. Don’t forget your GBA when heading to our place - we may just start a game of Four Swords.
  97. Currently playing World of Warcraft.
  98. Very close to finally graduating.
  99. Not much of a camera person.
  100. Unagi!


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