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Behind a Motherboard

This month’s article is a continuation of my computer fundamentals series. This month I will continue with the Motherboard.

What is it? A motherboard

If you ever open up that black box sitting next to you, the first thing you will notice (besides all the wires and dust) is a green or yellow colored electronic board with all sorts of things sticking out of it and plugged into it…

Thu Dec 2, 04 | About Computers
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About the Processor

This article will be the first in a series of informative articles on the fundamentals of computers. I know that it sounds a little intimidating, “fundamentals of computers”, but I’ll be trying my best to make to topic easy to understand. Each article in the series will focus on one or two parts of a computer. I’ll be looking at how these parts work, what do the numbers attached to these parts mean…

Tue Sep 28, 04 | About Computers
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Worms and Viruses

Email, though more than decades old, is considered by some to be today’s killer app. Most of today’s business rides on the highways of the internet, as people communicate more by email than by fax and phone. And why not? With email you get a record of conversations and message you send or receive - so for those of us who are a little forgetful, we can look up any email we have stored…

Fri Jul 16, 04 | About Computers
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