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Overview of Microsoft Outlook

Continuing our discussion on Microsoft Office programs, this month we’ll go in depth into the least understood program: Microsoft Outlook. The problem with Outlook is that it’s more then just a simple email reader it’s actually a Personal Information Manager (PIM)…

Fri Apr 16, 04 | Windows Tips
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Simple Microsoft Excel Tips

We all know Word, its Microsoft’s popular word processing application. Along with word, Microsoft also maintains a suite of office programs including Excel, PowerPoint and many others. All of these programs have become popular because they are easy to use yet have so much power and flexibility…

Mon Feb 16, 04 | Windows Tips
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Windows Shortcuts

Ever since we entered the age of graphical computing with Windows we started relying on the mouse as the only interaction with the computer and forgot all about the keyboard. In the days of DOS all we had was pretty much a keyboard and as such DOS programs were made with that in mind…

Thu Jan 15, 04 | Windows Tips
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