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Windows Shortcuts

Ever since we entered the age of graphical computing with Windows we started relying on the mouse as the only interaction with the computer and forgot all about the keyboard. In the days of DOS all we had was pretty much a keyboard and as such DOS programs were made with that in mind. DOS programs allows you to access much needed tools with the use of the keyboards and shortcut key presses using some of the extra non alphanumeric keys like Alt and Ctrl.

Current Windows programs still keep to that philosophy as some programs like Microsoft Word are keyboard centric have a vast array of keyboard shortcuts. That way you don’t have to move your hand to the mouse, stopping your current train of thought so you can maneuver your hand to the mouse, look for what you need, and perhaps take longer the you should. So, in order to make yourself more efficient when using your computer, keep these shortcuts in mind.

General Windows Shortcuts

Ctrl + Esc
(Windows Key)
Pops up the Start Menu
Windows + MMinimizes all windows
Windows + EStarts up Windows Explorer
Alt + F4Closes the current program or window
Ctrl + WCloses the current document or window
F1Help and Support for current program or window
F3Search for Files or Folders

General Application Shortcuts (found in most programs)

Ctrl + OBrings up the Open Document Dialog
Ctrl + SSaves the current document
Ctrl + PPrints the current document
Ctrl + NOpens a new document
Ctrl + CCopies selection to clipboard
Ctrl + XCuts selection to clipboard
Ctrl + VPastes at the selection latest addition to the clipboard
Ctrl + ASelects everything in the document
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + FBrings up the Find dialog
Ctrl + HBrings up the Replace dialog

Internet Explorer Shortcuts

Alt + HomeGo to the Home Page
Alt + →Next page
alt + ←
Previous page
↑ / ↓Moves up and down a page slowly
Page Up
Page Down
Moves up and down a page by screens
F5Refresh the current page
F6Focus on the Address Bar
F4Display Address Bar history
Ctrl + EnterAdd “www.” and “.com” when typing an address
in the Address Bar
Ctrl + DAdd current page to Favorites
Ctrl + IShow Favorites side bar
Ctrl + HShow history side bar
Ctrl + EShow Internet Search side bar

Windows Tips


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