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Mixing the Old with the New: The History of Urban Growth in Ottawa

Ottawa was a strange place when I first saw it as a little kid of 12. Lined beautifully with parkways, parks and trees, the city was awesome to behold. From the gothic Parliament Buildings to the modern skyscrapers in downtown Ottawa and bridges over the rivers, the city glowed in grandness. I was amazed at the feat of combining the old, the new, and the beautiful. The city took my breath away…

Sun Apr 15, 01 | English Essays
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The Selfish Bird

The memoir is a very special type of literature. It is not as complete as an autobiography in that it focuses on a certain period of the writer’s life. The memoir is also not a day-by-day explanation a persons experience, rather it centers on the people and relations of the people in the author’s life. It is a strange bird, the memoir, which demands a lot of honesty from the writer and exclusiveness as to what should be discussed. Debra Dickerson’s An American Story is a book that tries to fit into this little niche, and though at times is capable at arriving there, many times falls short…

Mon Mar 12, 01 | English Essays
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Of Emotion and Purpose: The Memoir

I hate my sister; she hates me. It’s a mutual feeling. But from all the hate that can be seen between us, there is love. One cold evening in December, my parents went to the theater - a rare occasion for them. My sister was made to baby-sit me; she complained heavily that she had wanted to go out herself. To keep her mind from wandering out, she tried to study, but my constant nagging and attention grabbing acts were keeping her mind on my destruction…

Sun Feb 11, 01 | English Essays
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A View on Kim Taylor

I am a fan of the personal essay. Within a personal essay, I learn about people, about passions, about other ways of thinking - all in one entertaining and honest piece. Kim Taylor, of Radio Free Bubba fame, has mastered this “tradition” as Philip Lopate calls the personal essay (xxiii)…

Fri Dec 8, 00 | English Essays
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Right to Vote

I felt quite claustrophobic as I found myself in a little cubby. A small fragile table, which struggled under the weight of the marker that was tied to it, stood in front of me. Surrounded on all sides by a tarp, I took the tied, frizzled marker from the table and made my choice. I voted…

Sun Nov 19, 00 | English Essays
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Writing: Describing the Inner Me

My first story ever was a children’s book I wrote in the sixth grade. I spent much class time on the book, making pictures, coloring, and deciding the story - or how the story would process from one page to the next. The book narrated my arriving in Canada and was also my first experience with writing. When I received the grade, I was ecstatic that I got I B! …

Sun Nov 5, 00 | English Essays
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Simply Nice

When I think about myself, I’m a regular Joe. My friends think otherwise, and between those in Miami and those in the cold north known as Canada, the consensus is that I am the nice red haired guy. When I think on this, it makes sense. Not too many people, and even fewer males, have red hair, so it something that stands out and proclaims me…

Fri Oct 20, 00 | English Essays
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Copy Rights

I would like to tell you that my original plan was to describe the internet. It is a most fabulous tool that has revolutionized society and life. But one that is so complex and grand that it approaches abstract reasoning and is far too hard and difficult to explain in a simple essay…

Sat Sep 30, 00 | English Essays
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